Regis Philbin announced today that he is leaving ‘Live.’

Philbin has co-hosted the show since it began airing in New York in 1983 and nationally in 1988. (It was initially called “The Morning Show” but was changed to Live With Regis And Kathie Lee when it went national in 1988.

It remains to be seen whether ABC has already decided on a replacement host, or whether they will bring in substitute hosts to test t heir compatibility with the program, as they did when Kathie Lee Gifford left the show in 2000. Kelly Ripa was eventually given the job.

Philbin has been a pioneer of the format… his first talk show was The Regis Philbin Show, based out of local station KGTV in San Diego. Since he had no budget for writers, he started off the show talking about his day and current events with the audience. It has since become the standard for most morning talk shows that have followed.