Fanboys, rejoice!

We have official news from Samuel L. Jackson that Nick Fury will be making appearances in both CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR!

The actor was on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last night, and told Jimmy:

“In the next month or so, I have to do one day on Thor, and I gotta do another day on Captain America , and in April we start The Avengers — the big deal with everybody. Thor and Captain America are pretty much done, but I haven’t done my part in them yet. I’m just connective tissue for them to join The Avengers.”

No word of what the extent of the scenes are, but if it’s only one day on each set, it can’t be too too much.  Jackson also mentioned some other business…recent screen tests for a bunch of actresses for a role as his sidekick:

“I gotta screen test like five actresses on Friday. They have this new character that’s my sidekick or something, that’s with me all the time.”

Actresses on the screen test list include Jessica Lucas, Cobie Smuthers, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Morena Baccarin.  Not much information is known otherwise, but we will keep you updated!