POP Video: There’s Another Rebecca Black…Jenna Rose’s “My Jeans”

Oh dear lord, they just keep coming…

Fresh off the heels of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, we have another example of a horribly processed song that wants to be a YouTube hit – and sadly will be for all the wrong reasons. (Worth noting that this one came out around well before “Friday” came out, but has gained considerably greater notoriety since Black made the almost good mostly awful music video trend explode.)

This next one is courtesy of 12-year-old Jenna Rose, and it’s titled “My Jeans”.  Lyrics include: “Hannah Montana is wearing my jeans. Ashley Tisdale is wearing my jeans. Keke Palmer is wearing my jeans.” (Very deep…)

Check out the wonderful video below, and I dare you to watch “My Jeans” and “Friday” back to back…I triple double dog dare you…


  1. Yah- this was a pretty good vid I liek her car and her hat, and it was a good song too But I lieked Rebeca Blacks song betterz When did her album came out??????

  2. Ok this girl is the brattiest girl I have ever seen. I’m guessing she spent money on this stupid video but Wat I’m trying to figure out is why she would spend money to make a music video about jeans….. she should go to a therapist

  3. Most of the negative/mean comments about these girls and their singing and videos is coming from adults…Really? Give them a break, they’re KIDS. A lot of people seem to be astonished and angry that these songs suck. Whatever, I just laugh at the lyrics.

  4. It seems under-age driving is a major theme in these videos…

  5. does popgoestheweek realize that My Jeans was released in October 2010? which isnt right off the heels of Friday..

  6. we get it, it is friday!!! JEEZ. And for jenna, we get your jeans are imortant.

  7. no offense to rebecca and jenna but those music videos and the song is horrible!!!! like one commenter said, WHAT HAPPENED TO MUSIC????

  8. WHOA! i puked alot. and started cutting myself because it is so bad. someone should tie bothe rebecca black and jenna rose, clone them, and anal probe the clones with a pocket knife and video tape it. jeez, i can alost die it is so bad!

  9. What are the lyrics to MY JEANS!!! SOME ONE WRITE IT DOWN I NEED IT… FAST!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

  10. “she wore tose jeans like me..”

    am i hearing that right,..she said JEANS right??
    i jst dont get it,the song is all about her jeans but why the fu** is she wearing a skirt..??

    GOD!wat is happening to the world today??

  11. okay so overall rebecca black and jena roses songs really arent tht bad. But jenna roses videos dnt make sense. She is only 12 and cnt drive. And then in her video omg it reallt is an omg. They r 12 and need 2 put more clothes on. Im 12 now and dnt look like tht or try b get my song produced. Some1 shuld teach them 2 take singing lessons

  12. my god, im 12 and i didnt beleve the crap levles of tht sond. Its like straping ur head to the inside of a microwave and turning it on high. i hope her spoild brat ego is ruind by the middle class wanna-b’s

  13. oh geesh this girl looks so retarded its not even funny.i mean yah the song might be catchy but the lyrics are unmeaningful and senceless.man i hope this girl dosnt go popular. :X

  14. Jenna Rose and Rebecca Black should or must be related. They are such awful ‘singers’. I think they shud juz get a life instead of making retarded vids which every1 h8s. everyone h8s them too. rebecca black doesnt even care tho. she sed it in an interview. And damm, have you heard her sing Friday in an acoustic way, no autotune…i think i turned deaf wen i heard it. She sounds like a mad woman screeching!

  15. uhhhh, everything with this video is messed.
    at the mall by themselves? driving? pfftt.
    and no, i doubt shes a god singer.. did you hear how autotuned her voice is?! just like rebecca black!

  16. shes kinda good

  17. k

  18. this is kinda catchy if you are deaf and ailing
    she looks like a spoiled bratt
    eww she should go to school and forget about this fudge
    she looks like she is 10

  19. 1. this girl looks like such a bratt…. who cares about her dumb jeans that arent even that cool
    2. if she is 12 how is she driving a car
    3. on the other hand the song is pretty catch <3

  20. I’m in shock. What has happened to music?

  21. Oh dear god! This just shows that you shouldn’t always believe in yourself because some people are just not fit for singing. Rebecca Black is a member of Ark Music Factory which is an LA company that allows parents to pay a 2,000 dollar fee for their child to sing a song and create a low budget music video. She deserves to see all the ugly comments written about her, seriously, she is the one putting herself through this crap. Hahaha, I have NEVER heard someone say Friday like that haha!!

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