Rebecca Black, who became an instant celebrity when her famously awkward song “Friday” went online, is a big fan of Justin Bieber… and now they have something in common. (Record sales isn’t it.)

According to Time Magazine online:

(The) “Friday” singer surpassed Justin to earn the most dislikes for her video, with more than 1.2 million thumbs down as of this posting. Coming in as a close second, Biebs’ video for “Baby” (check it out below) has earned 1.17 million dislikes in its lifespan, which we have to point out is much longer than Rebecca’s car-riding, cereal-choosing video has been circulating the web.

All that said for the infamous accomplishment,  Justin still holds the record for the most overall dislikes of any artist on YouTube. Five of his vids are among the most disliked videos on the site.

But Bieber has little to fret over. He’s a multi million dollar recording artist. Whether Black, who is recording a new song, “LOL” (gag) as her follow up single can reach that kind of popularity remains to be seen.