If you’re a non-celebrity, you can get a little too sauced at a birthday party, say and do some stupid things, and wake up the next day embarassed, but relatively unscathed.

But not if you’re a celebrity.

More than likely, Adam Lambert is retracing his sloppy-drunk steps while at Lady Gaga’s party, which he attended after her Monday night concert, as a guest of the Scissor sisters.

Perez Hilton told Morning Dish radio “Adam showed up beyond drunk. Super sloppy embarrassingly drunk!”

Hilton claims Lambert was fist pumping like a maniac, and beating on the walls until he actually punched a hole in the bar’s low ceiling.
US Weekly had a source that says “Adam acted like an animal. He kept jumping up on the tables and chairs and screaming. When they brought the cake out he tried to smear it in Gaga’s face and put a doll from the cake in her mouth!”

Gaga eventually had it up to her poker face with all of it, and had security remind him of the door he used to get in, to help him also use it to get out.

Lambert’s whole drama, including an embarassed admission about the ceiling incident, unfolded on his Twitter account, which, if you read from the bottom up in proper Twitter style, shows he began the evening with great anticipation, jubilation, and later, humiliation.

Many of us have been there… but unfortunately for Lambert’s sake, it was in a really public place with a really high profile person, and a really interested media community ready to spread it like wildfire!

Take two aspirin and tweet us in the morning.