“Hi, I’m Richard Marx… and I’m getting a colonic right now.”

80’s pop icon Richard Marx has ditched the old haircut years ago, but kept the smooth voice that made him famous in a hysterical commercial suggesting that you go out and get yourself a colonic.

Marx, poised at the keyboard, tickles the ivories as he sings about the merits of … well… getting cleaned out. He sounds awesome.

Subsequent scenes feature everyday people in situations that suggest the experience will lighten your mood – and your weight.

Oh – and by the way – this commercial is not a joke – it’s NOT a parody. It’s a funny (I won’t say tongue in cheek… that sounds gross suddenly) ad that drives people to a real website for Fountain Of Health, a Sacramento based company that does the dirty work.

Could this spot (no pun intended) push (no pun intended) Marx into more comedy cameos? Stranger things have happened! He’s truly great in this. Check out the ad – it’s very funny.