Viral videos don’t have to make sense. I say this, because clearly, some just don’t. Behold one from the archives: A Kids Incorporated “music video” where a young girl sings “Say You, Say Me,” with a terrifying clown pretty much stalking her throughout. A great video to send to someone you don’t like or enjoy distracting. Use it carefully and wisely.

The singer is Stacy Ferguson… as in FERGIE! From THE BLACK EYED PEAS!! She was in Kids Incorporated. After she left, she got addicted to drugs but then got clean before joining the Black Eyed Peas. Now I know this clown is quite possibly the reason she had all the drug problems. This clown stalking stuff can really haunt you.

PS – Can I just say I generally don’t like kids singing pop songs!? She has a sweet voice, but something about a kid belting out with vibrato makes me a little uneasy. And what the hell is that clown doing? Could his expression be any creepier when he twirls that broom around his face? It says “I may look cheery, but I’m totally going to kill you when you finish this musical number!” And I’m also confused about what kind of parents this kid has that she can go to the movies alone at night and then just walk home. This video is an episode of Law and Order waiting to happen!