Pump Your Fist!! The Situation Gets Kicked Out of the Apple Store After Line Cutting!

This just made me happy…

Apparently, “Jersey Shore” star Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino thought he was so famous, that he could just cut in line at Apple.  Then, he got a reality check!

According to MSNBC,  the reality star tried to cut in line at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Sunday, to get an iPhone 4S.  Apparently, someone noticed, and asked him to leave.

A tweet by artist Laurenn McCubbin confirmed the incident, saying,

“One of my former Apple compatriots just kicked The Situation out of an Apple store for trying to cut in line for a 4S. HE IS MY HERO.”

Seriously?  If you’re going to try to cut in line anywhere with whatever small amount of fame you have, don’t do it at an Apple Store when thousands of people are waiting (including the other creator of Apple), and will almost certainly kill you for going against them…

Just saying…


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  1. The sitch is lucky he did’nt need stiches!!