How Kim Kardashian Is Sparking Outrage In The Gay Marriage Debate

Call it an unexpected backlash from the Kim Kardashian divorce filing. From coast to coast, people supporting same-sex marriage are arguing that it’s people like Kardashian who destroy the ‘sanctity’ of marriage, not the gay and lesbian couples who want to be legally married.

Reality show fans and the general public alike have been reeling over the Kardashian drama. Despite a multi-million dollar, decadent, ‘made-for-tv’ wedding spectacle, the union lasted a mere 72 days before Kim filed for divorce.

According to the Christian Post“Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills, the first lesbian couple to have their same-sex union featured in Essence Magazine, took to the Web to chide pro-family groups and advocate gay marriage.”

“One can’t help but notice the dead silence from groups like the so-called National Organization for Marriage (NOM) whose sole mission is to ‘preserve the sanctity of marriage’ by blocking gays and lesbians from joining in it,” the couple wrote. “Why aren’t they outraged when these straight starlets stomp all over ‘traditional marriage’ in their Louboutins? Surely this match-made-for-media-fodder erodes the sanctity of all that marriage is supposed to be. So why aren’t they attacking Kim’s right to get married the way they do ours?”

Those against gay marriage have argued that in fact it is BOTH gay couples AND folks like Kim Kardashian that destroy the institution… that they are totally separate from one another, and both unfortunate.

Just one more way Kim Kardashian is proving to be one polarizing personality.


  1. I am so glad this community is mad as hell because we all should be. What spoiled brats that whole family is. I hope they get booted off the air. They have taught young girls to be self absorbed narcists.Its time someone blaststhem. congradulations GLBT’s!!Iam on your side.

  2. This one will die a very old and lonely life.Let her keep all the gifts and money.She’s going to need some company in her old age.Your article was great and right on the money.Love cannot be stopped so hold on the day is here.Kimmy will never know the love that my gay friends have. Not more then that she does’nt deserve it.

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