Admit it – whether you like it or not, when Thursday passes and Friday comes along – the ubiquitous Rebecca Black song of the same name sometimes creeps into your mind. Now viral sensation Rebecca Black, whose ‘Friday’ and subsequent ‘My Moment‘ singles have become web hits, is releasing a full-on album. I promise not to be mean or snarky in this post.

According to POPCrush, the YouTube musical phenom told the Latino Broadcast channel that there’s a whole boatload of music that music afficionados someone is sure to love. And it could come any day now! Yep, sometime in November.

“My new album should be out some time in November, which I’m really, really excited for…People will really be surprised about the variety of songs on there. There’s some ballads, and there’s some upbeat dancey tracks. None are really like ‘Friday’ — I’m definitely trying to be way different in every song.”

The first single to be released will be a dance song about teenage crushes entitled ‘Person of Interest.’

You’ll notice I was mostly totally nice in this post. There. And so it was written.