VIDEO: Guitar Lovin’ Dog Should Be A BUD Light Ad

Caught On Tape, Featured, Music, POP Goes Wild — By on 2011/12/24 10:57 am

Can this be real? It looks legit… a talented guitar player (he’s got a few other tracks on his youtube page – so he doesn’t seem like just a decoy) has a dog that only appears happy when his buddy is strumming the guitar.  (Is it me or is he even bobbing his head?!?)

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  1. Pamela RWK says:

    This one has a Bud Light can in it too. I think we have stumbled upon a subliminal viral ad campaign to lure dog lovers into being Bud Light drinkers.

  2. kitty says:

    No it’s not you Brian he’s bobbing his head.And he’s in beat as well!!! Cool Dog!!!

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