An important message from Eva Longoria

Once again, a celeb has taught us an important lesson: don’t get a tattoo with your lover, girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse’s name. Breakups are painful enough. Don’t add tattoo removal on top of it.

I’m an admirer of Eva Longoria, and that fondness grew in her handling of her split from San Antonio Spur player Tony Parker. She handled the situation, an inevitable topic of celebrity interviews, with dignity.

Now, it looks like she’s taking another step towards putting the dissolved marriage behind her. Sources tell E! News that the actress is having the tattoos celebrating the relationship removed. They report that Longoria is undergoing treatments to fully remove permanent ink that include the word “Nine” (Parker’s jersey number) on her neck. She also has ink with her wedding date on her wrist and his initials in an ‘undisclosed location.’

And from most sources I’ve spoken to about tattoo removal – it doesn’t feel great.

Let’s learn a valuable lesson from this, shall we? If you want a tattoo, go crazy. But lovers, names, anything that something is forever might be worth a second thought. I’m all for optimism. But I’m also for pain minimization.

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