Are you STAR WARS obsessed?  Do you need to own every movie, every DVD version, every toy, and every bed sheet related to STAR WARS?  Do you sleep in a lifesize Darth Vader helmet?  *cough* Yeah, me neither…but IF you do, we have a burger for you!

According to MSNBC, Quick, a Belgian fast-food chain, is rolling out a promotion to commemorate the February 8th release of STAR WARS EPISODE 1: THE PHANTOM MENACE in 3D.  From Jan. 31-March 5, YOU could get your own Darth Maul or Yoda burger!

The Darth Maul Dark Burger is made “hot with a pepper-sprinkled bun, pepper sauce and pepper cheese”, while the Yoda Jedi Burger is more friendly, with Mozzarella cheese and spicy mustard.

If you’re not yet satisfied, keep your feet on the starting line, because from March 2-5 only, you’ll also be able to order the “Dark Vador” burger, which comes on a bun dyed with a vegetable coloring agent completely black.

Quick will also offer fried cheese star snacks, a special ice-cream treat, and Amidala and Anakin toys.

So for all you American STAR WARS fans, I suggest getting a ticket for Belgium ASAP and savor in the deliciousness.  If not, just watch the movie at home…