It’s pretty common to want to go all out on New Year’s Eve and drop some heavy dough.  When it comes to celebrity-land, however, they aren’t dropping the dough…they’re picking it up!

According to MSNBC, Kim Kardashian spent her New Year’s at TAO inside the Venetian, and not just because she wanted to party.  It turns out that Kardashian is getting paid $600,000 for a series of appearances beginning on New Year’s Eve.

But how much do celebrities usually get for such appearances?  According to Jack Colton, a Las Vegas  expert and creator of, “The average New Year’s Eve fee for relevant talent is $100,000…An A-List celebrity moves up to $250,000, and for a major grab can go as high as $1 million. Your Lady Gaga’s and Jay-Zs would be considered major grabs.”

I think I need to rethink my job…