THE AVENGERS had it’s world premiere last night in Hollywood, and if you didn’t believe the hype before, I think now may be the time to start paying attention.

No official reviews have made their way online yet, but tweets have been posted by a few trustworthy news sites and fans, and they are nothing short of fabulous.

Take a look at the comments below, and get ready for THE AVENGERS to hit theaters on May 4.

FirstShowing: The Avengers – Epic. EPIC! Everyone fights everyone, but it does deliver. Marvel’s movies get better every single one. Hulk! HULK!!

BadassDigest: AVENGERS is good enough to make me forgive IRON MAN 2.

AintItCool: THE AVENGERS. Finally, a Marvel film with a rousing finish. That third act is more than enough to make THE AVENGERS the best Marvel movie yet.

SlashFilm: I’d tweet about The Avengers but my body is still recovering from non-stop geeking out. So, so, so much fun (for the most part).

Variety: It’s the bomb. I could not possibly say enough. Not a false note. Innovative. BRUTAL. And goddamn funny. Hype = believe it.

SlashFilm (another critic): The Avengers is pretty epic. There is probably more action in this film’s climax than all the other Marvel movie combines!

Entertainment Weekly: Just got out of #Avengers premiere. Liked.

GeekDad: So much awesome.

Collider: Absolutely loved THE AVENGERS. Was smiling from beginning to end. Two things that made #THEAVENGERS amazing: the Hulk and the humor. Joss Whedon gets a 10 out of 10 on both of those.

Seth Green: So that was AMAZING. Like, double plus awesome. Thank you Joss Whedon for giving us all the #Avengers movie we deserve.

XXLMag: Just getting out of “The Avengers” world premiere. Thought the film was major. LOT of action, laughs and surprises. Hulk stole the show.