Despite a massive PR campaign in the month before its release, as well as decent reviews, Disney couldn’t stop JOHN CARTER from losing $200 Million at the box office.  And when a movie studio takes such a bad hit on one film alone, heads have to roll.

Rich Ross, chairman of Walt Disney Company’s film unit, is that head, and he has officially resigned.  During 2012, Disney has ranked seventh among studios in domestic ticket sales with $186.7 million.  JOHN CARTER, made for about $250 million, generated only $269.4 million in worldwide ticket sales.  (When you combine such a crazy budget with a huge PR blitz, $19.4 Million just doesn’t cut it…)  In the end, the movie will lead to a quarterly loss of as much as $120 million for the studio, the first since Ross succeeded Dick Cook as chairman.

Ironically enough, even with the bomb that is JOHN CARTER, Disney plans to recover their losses and even post a profit for this upcoming quarter with the release of THE AVENGERS next Friday, and BRAVE.