You Thought Alicia Silverstone Was Bad?! Hear What “Blossom” Star Mayim Bialik Does For HER Children!

Last month, we shuddered at the YouTube video of Alicia Silverstone feeding her son mouth-to-mouth (something that Silverstone says she has no regrets about posting online).  Then, there was the story of January Jones taking pills made from her own placenta.  And now, we have yet another celebrity parenting choice that most may not approve of…

Mayim Bialik, the star of the 90s series, “Blossom”, has authored a new book, entitled “Beyond The Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children The Attachment Parenting Way.”  Among the techniques the actor turned doctor details for “Attachment Parenting”: natural births, breast-feeding and sleeping with your children.

The 36-year-old writes that she still breastfeeds her three-and-a-half-year-old son Fred, and that she and her husband sleep with their two sons on the floor.  As for potty training, the two also have a gentler approach:

“You’re basically training your child to use their pants as a bathroom [diapers] and two years later we have them turn around and do all sorts of complicated manipulations to get them to unlearn.”

No matter what you may think of the parenting techniques (interesting, to say the least…), Mayim says that, like any other mother, she is just trying to do the best for her children:

“Most of our life is centered around trying to be the best parents we want to be.”

I think I’ll just stick with Pampers and sippy cups…


  1. Did MIKE FINKELSTEIN actually read any of this book? Did he look up elimination communication?

    If you do EC and breastfeed through the toddler years, you can save thousands of dollars (formula and disposable dippers are expensive). And the evidence is growing to support the theory that extended breastfeeding leads to healthier children. How long will it be till the insurance companies use it as a premium question?

    I’ll stick to our cloth diapers and my boobs for my kids.

  2. That first quote is taken entirely out of context. It is intended as a description of conventional potty training, and has nothing to do with her own children’s elimination.

  3. If you actually read Mayim’s book objectively, she defends her own personal choices on how to raise her sons and makes a very good case for them. I was bottle fed on formula and I slept in a separate room from my parents from the day I was born and I used diapers, but Mayim does not repulse me and I do not have issue with any of her personal choices (and again, if you actually read her book without simply trying to headline a story by trying to figure out who is the ‘worst’ celeb mother) because you know what? I have an open mind and so far her sons seem to be turning out fine. Who cares if she sleeps with her children? Humans used to do that all the time and we’re one of the only mammals that don’t now.

    Who cares if she’s breastfeeding her toddler? Some cultures do that. Fred is not ready to be totally weaned yet and I don’t understand how anyone aside from his own parents could judge that-we don’t know that boy at all. Whatever happened to “mom knows best”? Now it seems to be “let’s drag her through the mud for the sake of getting a story out there.

    You want to stick to pampers and sippy cups? Go ahead and do that. It’s your business.

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