Your usual ride on Space Mountain is a dizzying high speed zip through the dark. But now that John Frost snuck some video of the ride getting refurbished, with all the lights on – all your childhood mysteries about the ride can be solved. It may even be cooler in the light.

When Frost, a blogger, went to Disney to ride Space Mountain, only to find it shutdown for ‘101’ (That’s Disney-speak for Rehab) he wanted to see if he could still get a look! So he proceeded over to Tomorrowland’s “Peoplemover” attraction, which sloooooowly carts less adventurous riders through the futuristic section of Magic Kingdom, including – you guessed it – Space Mountain.

And what a treat! Since the ride was being refurbished, all the lights were on – revealing an elaborate maze of tracks and girders. (You remember how as you zoomed through the dark, you were pretty sure those overhead beams would decapitate you? They probably could.)

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via TheDisneyBlog