Yesterday, we reported to you that it seemed like DC was going to try and pull off a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie to compete with Marvel’s universe.  Today, we have more fuel to add to that fire.

According to Variety, Michael Goldenberg, who wrote the previous DC superhero movie, GREEN LANTERN, has been tapped to write a WONDER WOMAN movie.

The state of that script is currently unknown, but with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hitting theaters in about a month, MAN OF STEEL in production, and a FLASH movie currently being worked on (that film also has some GREEN LANTERN writers attached…Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green), it seems like the proverbial gathering has begun…

So the question is…do you think these movies (especially with writers from GREEN LANTERN behind them) can possibly compete with Marvel’s universe, or is DC is fumbling to put something together ASAP?