Joanie From “Happy Days” Is Now Living In A Trailer Park


Erin Moran, the actress who played little sister Joanie on the hit 70s sitcom “Happy Days,” and its spin-off, “Joanie Loves Chachi”, has been evicted from her California home and is now living in a rundown trailer park.

Worst Previews is reporting that the 51-year-old, whose last acting job was years ago, is sharing a trailer with her husband and his elderly mother in the Berkshire Pointe Mobile Home Park in Indiana. According to a family friend,

“Life hasn’t been kind to Erin since the foreclosure of her home…Erin is like an angel to her mother-in-law. She cooks and cleans for her and takes care of her personal hygiene. But to look at Erin today you’d never know she was once one of TV’s biggest stars. She’s aged terribly.”

So how are the two trying to make money?

“[Her husband is] trying to make ends meet by working at Walmart, and all Erin can do is try and get back to work. For now, personal appearances are her bread and butter.”

Here’s to hoping that things turn up for the actress and her family.

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  1. That’s to bad. Actually, I used to have a little ‘crush’ on Erin, when she was on Happy Days…Hopefully, someone will give Erin a role in something, so she and her husband can get their money back right. Wish I could help them out some, but I just a struggling musician, living in a 1 bedroom apartment in NYC. Wish Erin, and her husband the best of luck…I.F.

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