Earlier this season, the cast of Broadway’s “Anything Goes” (from the Roundabout Theater Company) went viral with a lipdub of One Direction’s “Beautiful” that has received more than a quarter of a million views. Fun and joyful, it was an instant hit! Watch it here.

During much of the show’s run, cast member Raymond J Lee (right) broke new ground for a Broadway show – frequently uploading behind the scenes videos of the cast and the goings-on behind the scenes. It was the first time that show fans could follow get in on the good times, laughs, and sometimes downright silliness that  could go on before, during and after the performance.

Now, as they show reaches the end of its Broadway run, they’ve released a goodbye video that proves that the only thing more fun that watching a Broadway show is being in one.

Thanks to the cast, particularly Ray and the team and Roundabout and Boneau Bryan Brown for letting me chronical the fun here at POPgoesTheWeek!

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