Thanks To THE INSIDER For Having Me On!

Thanks to the gang at THE INSIDER for having me on to promote “I Bought A Famous House!”

I’m really excited to be hosting this exciting HGTV special where we visit the homes of Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Paris Hilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger – after they’ve moved out and new folks have moved in! We get to see some great spaces, hear some funny stories, and see which houses have changed – and which have stayed EXACTLY the same! The show airs December 14th at 8pm ET on HGTV.

I’ll be posting some clips from the show soon! Keep checking back!
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  1. Congrats Brian,sure hate we missed you on the Insider.You can bet we’ll be tuning in to see your new HGTV gig!!Like i said before we LOVE us some Brian!!!!

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