Sylvia Binsfeld presented her short film, Dorme, at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and is now selling it along with a book for children. How cool is it to be able to process images and sound on multiple levels?

sylvia binsfeld

What is the fun of having a book to go along with a movie?
The movie can be played again and again by the child. This is somethingv they can do on their own. Its very calming with the lullabymusic. The book is something their parent would read to them after tucking them into bed. It’s fun to read about the characters they saw come alive on the screen.

How is the film enjoyable for children and adults both?
For children, Dorme is a fantastical dreamland romp that gets their natural imaginations going. I think the reason Dorme has such a strong adult fan base is that there is something spiritual about it. Dorme connects us to memories of our childhood and that magical feeling that all is possible, which we loose contact with in our busy adult lives.

You mention positivity a lot. What does that mean to you?
Optimism,seeing the beauty all around, and again, the feeling that we have potential beyond our wildest dreams and that all is possible.

How is this book, and the matching film, about positive thoughts for children?
Kids are exposed to so much noise and negative information these days. This is such a media driven world now. Dorme counteracts that will calming, tranquil messages of love, peace and safety.

How do children create their own ideas about the story?
The film is wordless, so the kids can let their imagination take flight around the imagery and decide for themselves what the boy is doing and why.

Why do you enjoy the lullaby concept?
I am fascinated with the subconscious dream world.

What about this story and genre makes you want to continue it into a series?
I love how universal it is and I Iove connecting to the inner child. I have extremely vivid memories of my childhood imagination and I want to bring that creativity and innocence to kids today.