b8d42000-6c61-11e2-a9ed-948929b912a5-493x328Can you picture former President Bill Clinton taking out the bad guys with the cast of THE EXPENDABLES?  Well if Sylvester Stallone had his way, it might just happen!

While promoting his new film, BULLET TO THE HEAD, Stallone told MTV that while nothing is confirmed, he hopes to bring in a number of new action stars for the third EXPENDABLES entry, including Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, and Nicolas Cage:

“We’re going to reach out to all of them…there’s going to be a lot of new blood. I just have to kill off some of the others guys to make some room.”

When asked who else Stallone would love to have join, he answered, “maybe President Clinton.” 

But here’s where it gets interesting…when the reporter took the comment as a joke, Stallone coyly responded, “You think I’m joking, right?”

So does that mean that he isn’t joking…?  Even if he isn’t toting a machine gun and running through the jungles of some foreign country, could President Clinton actually appear in the movie?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but even if it were only a few seconds, it would be one hell of a cameo…