Lisa Rinna co-hosted the fourth hour of the Today Show today. In her effortless way, Hoda Kotb got Lisa Rinna to talk about the long history of Rinna’s lips.

It’s pretty interesting. You’ve got to give credit to someone who is open and honest about their past. Here’s what Rinna said.

Lisa Rinna“Here’s the story: 25 years ago, I had my lips injected with silicone. Stupid thing to do at 24. I saw ‘Beaches.’ Remember that movie ‘Beaches’? I did it with my best girlfriend, so she and I go and we get our lips done. (editor’s note: Barbara Hershey, the film’s star, famously received lip fillers before shooting the movie.) Fine. I have it like that for my whole career, right? So then cut to a couple of years ago, I have a doctor remove as much as they possibly can because it got to the point where they were yucky. You know, they get hard. It’s gross. They are now whatever that was after they took out as much of the silicone as they could.”

In the video below, Rinna addresses the lips at 3:00 ish. She starts with her take on the Celebrity Apprentice, which is also worth watching.

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