confweb1214-8-webLet’s just admit this, gentlemen…Olivia Wilde is one of the most beautiful and desired women in Hollywood, and when Jason Sudeikis put a ring on that finger earlier this year, it all at once angered and gave hope to millions of men around the world.

The two have always been very quiet about their relationship, but now, Wilde is opening up to Marie Claire about the courtship, and you might be surprised to hear that the story is actually a very sweet and romantic one.

The 29-year-old actress said that she was in a rough place back in 2011 after her divorce from ex-husband Tao Ruspoli, but Sudeikis’ charm was captivating:

“I was just learning to be by myself…We were both seeing people but were single. He seemed to really see me, see through the bulls**t. He said very few words and couldn’t keep eye contact. He was so handsome, and he could dance.”

After about six months, the two went on their first date, and Wilde says that by the end, she not only wondered if she was “beautiful enough” for the comedian, but she knew she was completely head over heels for him: 

“He was so cool, so funny – I was such a fan of his and had always fancied his speed and his intelligence. He’s a brilliant actor with a brain like lightening…I couldn’t wait to sit down and hear him talk. On our first date, in New York City, we closed the restaurant down at 2 AM! He didn’t kiss me, and I was madly in love. I was overwhelmed.”

The couple wasted no time, and soon moved in together, and now that a wedding is on the horizon, Wilde says she knows she’s chosen the perfect guy because of a specific feeling about children she never had before: 

“I can’t wait for children. I’m open-minded about how many, but three, which I love, is like a little party…[Jason] is so good with kids… I’ve never before experienced looking at someone and thinking,’ That’s who I want to raise a child with.’”

So while we all may be jealous that Sudeikis was able to grab Wilde before any of us have, we have to metaphorically shake his hand…he seems to be doing it all the right way.