Prank Punch Kid In FaceIt’s pretty easy to see that this British father and son are just fooling around, but don’t think for one second that lots of people haven’t freaked out about this. Turns out this dad is just teaching his child about the trick of movie-style stunt punching a little earlier than most.

Watch as YouTuber Rob Hill looks at the camera  and says  his son Max needs to be punished. The son happily obliges – in fact he’s eager for ‘just a bit more’ punishment.

And a viral sensation was born.

Given that some people actually BELIEVE he’s hitting his son, (despite that fact that the child doesn’t cry, and even wants more, the comments on the youtube page are flowing like a waterfall.

What do you think – even with it being fake – does it still cross a line, or fall under the category of good clean rough-housing?

Meanwhile, can we all just admit that little kids with British accents are just plain cuter?

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