Kristin Ducote, now using the pen name M.K. Ducote,  is a platinum blonde stunner who was regularly featured on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami with her husband, Chapman. – Now she’s got not one, nor two but three chick lit novels circling the drama of the racing world. The multi-hypenated model/actress/lawyer can now add author to her resume with Naked Paddock, the first in the trilogy. With a bit more success, maybe E! will come around with a phone call for the Ducote couple’s own reality show!

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How much of this was based on your real life experiences or things you have seen from your husband’s racing career?
Pretty much all of it! While Naked Paddock is technically fiction, it’s quite close to home. I collected the plot lines and character sketches from real life and then let the characters evolve into their own, unique identities. The backdrop of the novel, however—all of the technical racing and track details, travel and even restaurant scenes—is completely accurate and true to life. Check out the Naked Paddock trailer at to see some of the real-life inspirations that worked themselves into Naked Paddock.

My favorite books are ones where you are thoroughly entertained, but then find at the end, to your surprise, then you’ve learned something, and that was my goal for Naked Paddock. After finishing the last page, I want my readers to have an accurate picture of this crazy, bizarre and glamorous lifestyle and know what it feels like to travel the world on the professional motorsports circuit.

I love this line from “Legally Blonde” for its sheer satire: “Law school is for people who are boring, ugly and serious.” It’s half true. I can’t envision anyone I know practicing law doing a novel totally unrelated to John Grisham territory. Why did you venture away from this almost immediate success plan of “lawyer writes book about legal drama and it sells off the wall?”
When I started traveling to races with my husband, I was shocked. Fistfights, love affairs, lawsuits— the drama in the racing world is crazy! But not many people know what really goes on behind-the-scenes. That’s when I realized I had a rare opportunity at my fingertips to open a new world to readers’ eyes. Any lawyer could write a legal drama, but how many writers are given a backstage pass into a rarified and little known world like racing? Besides, it’s a lot more fun to write about gossip and drama!

You’re probably like many women who love romance novels, or the more appropriate term for this may be chick lit. In truth, a lot of women love romantic movies but claim to hate chick lit and don’t realize much of the material on screen now comes from chick lit. What are your favorite chick lit novels and chick flicks?
I love the classics. To me, it doesn’t get any more “chick lit” than the strong minded Scarlett O’Hara, Elizabeth Bennet, Anna Karenina, Dagny Taggart, or even, in her own way, Daisy Buchanan. These are my girls. I’m also interested in great historical women and have lately been reading all the books I can find about Jackie O and Wallis Simpson.

For a second, let’s act like “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson wants to direct a new trilogy: your books! How would you sell him your chick lit trilogy?
Action, romance, suspense, glamour – it would be an easy sell. Even sounds like a great television show to me! We would certainly never run out of content with a steady stream of new drivers, wealthy team owners, models, trophy wives and baby mommas on the scene every season to spice things up—just like they do in real life!

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Your book promo talks about the book appealing to male readers. How so? Beyond the minor sentence about the selling points, what are the book’s actual selling points for men?
Naked Paddock really is as much a book for men as women. Although the thread of a love story runs through it, the closest thing I could compare Naked Paddock to is probably Entourage. The main character, an arrogant racecar driver, is surrounded by a group of hilarious male characters – his pushy agent, teammates and friends, as they all lose their way, get in trouble and from time to time try to redeem themselves. The rough banter, action and irreverent humor of its mainly male cast of characters appeal to male readers, in much the same way as an episode of Entourage.

In fact, some of the best parts of the book were given to me by other racecar drivers who heard I was writing a book and couldn’t wait to share a funny story/roast about a co-driver or teamowner. The truth and humor of these stories appeal to men as much as women. And I think the male racing community has embraced the book for its rather roguish male humor as much as its technical racing accuracy.

Do you ever feel like people associate some of the negativity handed to the Kardashian sisters onto your career expectations?
So far, all of the feedback has been positive. Viewers got a little glimpse of our world when Scott came to Chapman’s finale race last season in Atlanta, which only made people more interested in the sub-culture of racing.

What new things are you going to do with your career now that you have appeared on a highly popular TV show?
Chapman and I have some exciting plans in the works for more reality TV and guest appearances in the near future, and we are organizing a book tour. But, other than that, not much in our daily life has changed. I’m currently working on the second novel in the Naked Paddock series (and loving every minute!) and Chapman is mid-season, so we’re traveling to all of his races and gathering more plot lines and drama for Books 2 and 3!