Tan MomTan Mom Patricia Krentcil sat on WLNY’s fun chat show ‘The Couch” to talk about her life as “Tan Mom,” her new ‘song,’ (more of a rap, really, and even that is being kind) and why she stays in the public eye.

Krentcil, who says she has ‘been singing her whole life, since (she) was a little girl,’ doesn’t actually sing on the single. At least I don’t think that’s singing, (you’ll hear a sample) and apparently she fell down backstage. (That may not actually be her fault – She has said before that she has metal plates in her head, the result of a physical attack that required surgery.)

In the last minute, she breaks down when looking back at her year, in which she was accused of taking her six year old daughter to a tanning bed. Her extreme tan at the time made her easy fodder for jokes,and was all the court of public opinion needed to convict this woman of horrifically bad judgement.

“They just thought it was all a joke,” she said. “People don’t understand what they did.”

She certainly looks better now, if not still a little unusual in her behavior, but here’s hoping Tan Mom can find some peace, turn it all around.