WATCH: Julie Chen Swipes Back At Critics, Responds To Nose Job Allegations.

julie_chen_plastic_surgeryJulie Chen is in spin control mode!! The host of “Big Brother” and “The Talk” REALLY got tongues wagging last week when she told viewers that she got surgery on her eyes to make them look more open and make her look less sleepy – because her boss at the time, and an agent – said that she looked disinterested, and that being Chinese made her less relatable to her audiences unless she got an eye job. So she went for it. With mixed feelings from her family, (although her parents ultimately supported her, she had the surgery by the preeminent doctor in California… at the young age of 25.
The transformation is pretty remarkable.
Since then, there has been some real backlash from people alleging that she is denying her heriatge.
Now, she is swiping back at her critics… saying “Guess what? I don’t look less Chinese!” she said. “I’m not fooling anybody here.”
Julie ChenChen took to “The Talk” on Tuesday to respond to the many, wide ranging allegations that her surgery wasn’t restricted to her eyelids… many have accused her of being less than forthcoming about having a chin implant and a nose job.
Today she set the record straight (video below) that these other enhancements come with the help of some great contouring from her makeup artist… and the ONLY plastic surgery she had was on her eyes. Not her nose, not her cheeks, not her chin, and even her teeth were the real deal.
She even gave viewers an intimate look at the process of her makeup application as proof. (in timelapse)
Chen says she would NEVER have considered doing it if she wasn’t a TV journalist… And that she’s upset that people in her own community are still judging her and disagree with a decision she made for herself.
She says having her eyes fixedwas not about denying her heritage. The goal was to simply have bigger eyes so the camera didn’t make her look sleepy, bored, angry or disinterested. The goal was to look more alert and more interested on camera.
She ultimately does admit that her career really took off after she had the surgery – it might be easy to say she shouldn’t have done it – but she’s a huge star now … so was she right or wrong to do so? Would she have been successful otherwise? We’ll never really know.