Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan may be dipping into the wrong kind of treats lately. Reports are everywhere that she is off the wagon (despite what she promised Oprah)… you may remember last week she was photographed reaching for a wine bottle at a friends house. (literally – that is how someone spends their time – standing outside windows where Lindsay Lohan is reaching for bottles.)
First, she was reportedly seen downing some vodka cocktails earlier this month. (Vodka is rumored to be her drink of choice because it could pass for water in a photo… she’s been known to put it in water bottles!)
NOW, it’s been uncovered that earlier this month she was partying in Hollywood with Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton. (They’re not exactly known for their low-key evenings.) Star Magazine says Lindsay didn’t even arrive at the party until 3 am, and then stayed well into the morning. She reportedly got a little sloppy. (Like “Dina Lohan sloppy”? Anyone’s guess.)
EVEN WEIRDER! Apparently strapped for cash, Lindsay is co-hosting the big Halloween bash at Foxwoods Resort and Casino tonight. (Where I’m guessing they’re serving more than cider.) She’s going to party with the guests (and co-host Floyd Mayweather) and it won’t come cheap for the guests.
  For just two people to get into this party it’ll cost 189 dollars! (So why do I kind of want to go to this thing?)
Lindsay Lohan Foxwoods