Virgin AmericaTake this group to Broadway… I’m there! Aside from the incredibly catchy song, the choreography and cleverness of this in flight safety video from Virgin America is enough to make you WANT to learn about the safety features of the plane.

WATCH! Then scroll down to see BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO… and  learn how you can be in their NEXT great video…

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As promised, here’s the Behind the Scenes story…

And remember… you can audition to be in a future safety video by visiting and uploading an Instagram video using the #VXsafetydance hashtag.

Here’s some great numbers about the video;

  • A021_C009_0807XW36 Total Dancers
  • 26 Hours on Set
  • 14 Dance Styles Used: animation, b-boy, break dancing, Broadway, contemporary, contortion, finger-tutting, jazz, lyrical, pop-and-locking, tango, and waving–just to name a few.
  • 10 So You Think You Can Dance Alum
  • American Idol Semi Finalist: Todrick Hall
  • 1 Character from the Original Safety Video: the “Nun”
  • 2 Former Olympians: Tamara Campos as the “Nun” and Emilie Livingston as the “Teacher”