HIMYM 2“How I Met Your Mother” is finishing an incredibly successful nine season run at CBS – and with the show coming to conclusion, its creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have already begun working on their next project.

But it may sound familiar.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Bays, Thomas and Up All Night creator Emily Spivey are working on “How I Met Your Father” which will not include any of the original characters and will follow a female lead on a similar quest as its original program.  Bays, Spivey and Thomas will co-write and executive produce for 20th Century Fox TV, whose also working on a “Modern Family” spinoff for ABC. Few details have been spilled on that one, although an earlier post here on PGTW noted that the idea of giving Rob Riggle’s character Gil Thorpe, a real estate agent who often competes with Phil (Ty Burrell) had been thrown around.

Spinoffs are commonplace on TV. AMC is working on a “Walking Dead’ spinoff and a “Breaking Bad” spinoff is already moving forward. ABC already launched it’s “Once Upon A Time” spinoff and the CW has a “Sex and The City” prequel on the air. Even ABC family began airing episodes to it’s “Pretty Little Liars” spin off “Ravenswood”. In short, get used to these spin offs unless they all fail we will see more of your favorite shows after they die.