Category: That’s Just Wrong

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Lamborghini Driver Shows Off His Way Into An Accident

I don’t know about you, but I’m REALLLLLLLY impressed when someone with a fast car REVS it and REVS it at a stop light! This guy was doing just that, prompting the people behind him to videotape what they expected to high speed peel out of the intersection. What they DIDN’T expect was to catch his stupid driving steering him right into an accident.

Tracy Morgan Won’t Save His Own Mother From Foreclosure

Tracy Morgan has, to say the least, had a bad last few months. First, during a stand up routine, he said he would stab his son to death if he was gay. He apologized and appeared on Oprah. Then, during the Sundance Film Festival, he passed out after giving an incoherent acceptance speech. It was blamed on the altitude. Well now, he isn’t going save his own mother from foreclosure.

The Reason Animals ‘Love’ To Stay Standing On A Surfboard Is Because They Prefer it To Drowning.

Every now and then you’ll see a story of an animal that someone says “LOVES TO SURF!” followed by shots of the animal awkwardly standing while it hurls towards the shore. I don’t know so much that this animal ‘loves’ to surf as much as it would prefer it to drowning.

THIS EXISTS: For The Woodworking Enthusiast, Build Your Own Casket!

I don’t know exactly what category of pop culture this falls under, but SHEESH. There’s a point when being fiscally responsible doesn’t really matter anymore. When you’re DEAD, for example. That said, for those who love workworking, or just love to plan ahead, here’s where you can buy the plans to make your very own casket! Check out the comments on the product page!

VIDEO: Family Of Idiots Gets Lost In Corn Maze, Call 9-1-1.

There is almost too much stupidity in this story for me to bear. A family in Massachusetts got lost in a corn maze, and called 9-1-1. Oh yeah, part of their desperate plea? They had a three month old baby with them. IN the corn maze. After dark. There is so much wrong with these people I don’t know where to begin. Listen to their ridiculous 9-1-1 call.