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VIDEO: Holiday Dance Takes A Very Festive Turn

Two talented dancers kick off the holiday season, literally, with a very festive, energetic dance to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” all in one take. (except for one small piece of video at the end.) Regardless of what you think of the wardrobe choice, these two are GOOD. And you can only pull off a leotard if you’re in this kind of shape.

CRAYZAY VIDEO: Korean Group Performs. Just Watch It. I Can’t Really Explain It.

Here’s what I know: Not much. Although some sites have been calling this a Japanese pop group, I’m told it is a Korean group, which may or not be a comedy troupe -and they are doing a parody of a popular song, called “Gee.” It is definitely funny. And strange. I can’t really enlighten you with any additional information. I just ask that you trust me and take a moment to soak it all in.

Beyoncé Stuns Kids With Surprise Appearance At Their School

Students at PS 161 middle school in Harlem were minding their own business, dancing to Beyoncé’s anti-childhood obesity video Move Your Body when the unthinkable happened. Beyoncé herself showed up. It’s all business as usual until about 1:30, when Beyoncé decides to…