Ricky Gervais has something to say about the possibility that people thought he was too nasty during the Golden Globe awards… “I don’t care.”
TV Guide caught up with Gervais after the ceremony, where speculation was running wild that he had been reprimanded mid-show and disappeared from the program for up to an hour, only to return to his emcee duties looking defeated. Despite the rumors, Gervais insists to TV Guide that he was right on target with his sharp-tongued wit:

“I think last year I didn’t go far enough,” he said afterward. “This year, I went about right. If anyone was offended, then I don’t care.”

Here’s his opening monologue, in case you missed it…


Gervais explained his absence from the middle portion of the program as the standard format of the show, allowing the celebrities on the roster to introduce their categories without taking up extra by having the emcee introduce the celebs first.

I don’t know why anyone is so surprised over his jokes… he was only a slightly amped up version of last year… This was who they hired to host the show! Don’t order a shot of Jaeger if you want a glass of iced tea!