There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Kim Kardashian’s nude photos on the cover and inside of W Magazine. The mag hit newstands in November, but her personal outrage was saved, natch, for her reality series “Kourtney and Kim Take New York.” But does she also take us for fools?

There is no question that Kardashian has become a master of her domain. She has been incredibly successful at parlaying her initial rounds with nudity (via a sex tape and a spread for Playboy) into widespread popularity. She has played the red carpet and reality shows like a harp. In short, she is not a stupid woman. She knows the marketability of her sex appeal, and has done well in building a brand well beyond a still photograph here and there.

It is this same level of intelligence that brings me pause when I watch her stunned, tearful reaction to the photos in the W spread, which feature her sometimes fully naked, and other times covered in silver paint. She insists that she was assured that her nudity would be covered in letters and artwork.

Well… it was. Not much artwork or words, but some.

What confounds me is this: If, in fact, there would be so much of the body covered… why couldn’t the photos have been done in a bikini? Or even have some of those things you can get to cover her … you know… and a thong to cover the other stuff? (I’m trying to keep it clean here.) I struggle with the idea that a person could be so shocked that a nude spread would be so… nude.

In truth, there is little that can surprise our over-exposed society anymore. And I find nothing wrong with the pictures (except that an eight year old girl at an Airport newstand shouldn’t be able to see them so easily. They’re really not cover-appropriate… but this isn’t the first time or the last that’s going to happen.)

I just want to put it out there that I’m not buying the ‘shock and awe’ routine. And, over a drink or two, I’m convinced she would probably admit, if only with a wink, that it made for good television. And here I am, talking about the moment… so in effect, mission accomplished!

Kim is a gorgeous, savvy woman. Once again, she has drawn us in, and gotten us talking… score one more for team Kardashian!