There are countless celebrities on Twitter. Some of them can’t stop reminding us how fantastic their lives are… or tweeting their celebrity friends every five minutes. (Feel good about your life yet?) Some simply promote whatever their project of the moment is, and still others are always pushing some product they’ve been paid to plug. (You know who you are!) But Cher’s twitter account is ridiculously fun, insightful, progressive and poignant. And while sometimes you can’t be sure if a celeb is having their publicist send out their tweets, in this case, you can tell this is completely, unsanitized Cher.  Here’s not four- but FIVE reasons you should follow her:


Cher doesn’t just tweet random thoughts (don’t get me wrong, she does that too!) but she actually writes BACK to the people who write to her! Take this example, where she responds to the query of what she would do if she were president. The questions are often obscure, sometimes even racy, and Cher answers a LOT of them!

From what’s coming up in her career, to her sex life, to her take on the Kardashians, Cher often answers dozens of questions in a single day. Love her for that.


Call it “Cher: the early years.” Funny anecdotes about a tiny little Cherilyn Sarkisian growing up in the world make for interesting tweets. From the sounds of it, she was always the outspoken firecracker that she is today!

Example: A story of her as a seven year old girl, being asked by her teacher what she and her classmates like about school. She recounts that after the other kids gave “BS” answers, Cher responded: “I don’t like your school, your class and (the other) kids!” Then she tossed her hair, left the classroom and went home, telling her mother and grandmother that school is ridiculous and that the teacher is a fool.

A legend before her time!


I think this next tweet example speaks for itself. Something about Cher pouring butter on her popcorn and sprinkling Kraft parmesan cheese on it is so un-celebrity-like, so unpampered, and so real. C’mon. Would Kim Kardashian ever tweet about this? Not without a check in the mail. Cher does it because it’s delicious. (At least that’s what I’d like to believe, and I’m going with it.)


Unless you’ve been tremendously disconnected, you probably are familiar with Chaz Bono, who was born Cher’s daughter Chastity, but has since undergone the emotional and physical transition from a woman to a man, and is now going by Chaz. Since Chaz has been cast on “Dancing With The Stars,” the reaction from the public has been divided: from incredibly supportive to enormously hateful. Cher, who has been open about her own emotional journey in embracing her son along the way, has been vocal on Twitter about the matter, calling out the opponents and thanking the supporters. Cher’s unconditional love and support for Chaz is evident and heartfelt here.


Oh yes, and then she said this the other day:

Always topical, always real, Cher is one lady worth following on Twitter.

So follow Cher! And while you’re at it, stop by my page and follow me if you feel so inclined!!

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