Adam Levine and a few choice anchors from FOX News are having a bit of a spat over some of Maroon 5’s music.

Let me explain…

FOX News has used a few of Maroon 5’s songs during their programming.  On Wednesday, Levine wrote a post on his Twitter post, demanding that they stop:

“Dear Fox News, don’t play our music on your evil f***ing channel ever again. Thank you.”

Well that was direct…

A few FOX News anchors, however, responded back in tone.  Andy Levy tweeted:

“Dear Adam Levine, don’t make crappy f***ing music again…Thank you.”

Instead of answering directly, Redeye host Greg Gutfeld decided to post a series of sarcastic tweets aimed at the singer, starting with

“Why did Maroon 5 cross the road? Because crappy music is legal there!”

This isn’t the first time Levine has started some trouble on Twitter.  In August, he blasted the MTV Video Music Awards for calling it the “one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music.”