UPDATE: For reasons unexplained, nor sooner has E! uploaded this clip – before just as abruptly taking it down – perhaps backing off criticism that they’ve been celebrating the opportunity to exploit the crumbling of the marriage. (Or the other criticism, that the marriage was a sham to begin with…)

-Original post: In a move likely to perpetuate the conspiracy theory that Kim and Kris got married (and will eventually divorce) for publicity and ratings, E! has unveiled the latest promo for the upcoming season of “Kourney and Kim Take New York,” where Kim and Kris bicker their way through their new marriage – teeing up the split we all now know was coming. (Mind you, it’s all Kris’s fault throughout, let’s not get the impression that this is a two sided mess.)

As I had said on the Wendy Williams Show recently, producers have reportedly shot a scene where Kim and Kris ‘take a break’ from the marriage. The question is, and will continue to be – what, if any, of this marriage was ever real?

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