Since earlier this week I went off on the Kardashian holiday card, it seems only fair that I share one celebrity family that got it RIGHT.

Singer Fergie and husband/actor Josh Duhamel prove you can feature yourself on your holiday card and not seem obnoxiously self-centered. A fun, holiday themed caricature of the pair, created by artist James Malia shows the couple in full holiday splendor… Fergie as an exaggerated sexy Mrs. Claus, and Duhamel as a snowman. Duhamel has a carrot for a nose and a top hat chock full of holiday lights.

Also included are the couple’s two dogs, Meatloaf and Zoe. (one has his leg lifted, relieving himself on Duhamel’s snowman body with a holiday wish… adding another sight gag.)

It’s fun, funny, and a cheery look at the celebrity couple that strikes just the right tone.

The Kardashians sparked a collective groan last week when they released their holiday card, which was nothing more than a narcissistic spread of the family posing with visual sense of superiority. (There were no actual holiday references in the photo itself.) The ‘release’ of the card went viral, but was received with largely negative feedback.

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