Tonight, the most powerful men and women in Washington DC and Hollywood dressed up in their finest attire, and gathered in one room for the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

Nicknamed the “nerd prom”, the Dinner has become an annual celebration of all things politics, as well as a chance for the current President to fire off some jokes at his constituents. And that he definitely did.

President Obama opened his speech with a mock-live microphone incident, commenting about the ridiculousness of those in the audience (“I have the nuclear codes…What am doing telling knock-knock jokes to Kim Kardashian?”), among many other things. From there, he had everyone cracking up with jokes about Mitt Romney (“It’s great to be here this evening in the vast, magnificent Hilton ballroom…or what Mitt Romney would call “a little fixer-upper.”), the Republicans across the aisle, and eating dog as a child (“What the difference between a soccer mom and a pitbull?  Pitbull tastes delicious!”).

While the President stole the show, the night’s host, Jimmy Kimmel was cool and collected. He busted out some great one-liners against Newt Gingrich (“Mr. Gingrich, how can you be against gay marriage,” Kimmel said, “when you yourself are the child of a gay marriage: the Michelin Man and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?”), Mitt Romney (“When I think ‘Mitt Romney,’ I don’t think Etch a Sketch — I think of Twister. You can’t even play Monopoly with him, because he keeps putting the dog on the car.”), and Chris Christie (to Mrs. Obama: “There’s Chris Christie! Get Him!”), and had the greatest moment of the night, when he closed out his speech by calling out his 10th grade history teacher, who said he wouldn’t amount to anything:

“Well, Mr. Mills, I’m about to high five the President of the United States.”

Yes he did.

Enjoy both speeches below!