Kim Kardashian is the most followed instagram user, frequently posting photos of herself on the popular photo sharing App. But since the new privacy guidelines (which have already been adjusted by Instagram after user backlash) she is considering quitting entirely.

When Instagram announced new terms of service this week, many interpreted it to mean that the company can sell private photos or use them in advertising without compensating them or asking for permission. (Instagram insists that users misinterpreted the new policy, saying that they would never do so without permission or compensating the user, and then went so far as to back off their new policy and reinstate their old one.)

Kardashian, who certainly knows a thing or two about selling images of herself, was none too pleased about the new rules, although its unclear whether she knows of the post-backlash revision. She tweeted: “I really loved Instagram 🙁 I need to review this new policy. I don’t think it’s fair.”  TMZ reports that she may actually stop using it altogether.

It’s unknown how many users dropped Instagram when the new policy was released, but the company, which was recently purchased by Facebook for 1 BILLION DOLLARS, (!) quickly launched into damage control mode after the fury went viral. They issued a new statement vowing not to sell users’ photos and apologizing for the “confusing” language of the announcement.

Here’s the problem: Instagram is currently a Free APP without advertising! So essentially, millions of people enjoy their program, which requires the company to store all those photos – all that data – on some enormous hard drive somewhere… for free? Something’s gotta give. Trouble is – people have gotten might comfortable with this ‘store my photos for nothing’ situation Instagram set up, and now, if they end up getting charged, they may go somewhere else.  Stay tuned – this could get very interesting.