Life may be busy, times may be hard, but nothing…absolutely NOTHING will get in the way of a Kardashian Christmas card!

Ready to go and looking perfect as always, the Kardashians and Jenners grouped together to show just how happy and close the family really is (or maybe they’re just trying to make their family look better than yours…)

But one thing you might not realize when you first look at the card is that four out of the twelve in the crew were actually digitally added later…

Khloe Kardashian recently spoke to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, and said that because of everyone’s crazy schedules, she and husband Lamar as well as Scott and Kendall Jenner all had their own photo shoot and were photoshopped in to make the final product!

Really?!  Have you ever heard of that much effort or money being put into a Christmas card?  It’s almost sad, really…you could probably take a third of what all that cost and feed a starving child in India for a year…

Take a look at the yearly tradition below, and at least thank goodness that it wasn’t in 3D like last year!

(Oh, and where in the world is Kanye West?!)