Lohan2A panel of Hollywood’s top celebrity defense attorneys got together for a discussion on dealing with celebrities. They essentially agreed that they’re mostly dealing with spoiled brats.

The Hollywood Reporter has the full story (and a great one at that) of the event, which took place at a Beverly Hills restaurant on Tuesday, and was hosted by the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

Among the panelists: Harland Braun (who initially repped Robert Blake but then quit the job after Blake granted an interview to Diane Sawyer), Thomas Mesereau (won Michael Jackson an acquittal in his 2005 child molestation case), Shawn Holley (O.J. Simpson’s original defense team, repped Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians) and Blair Berk (whose has repped Kiefer Sutherland and Halle Berry, and most famously won a won a case for Ozzy Osbourne, who back in the 1980s faced allegations that his lyrics drove a teen fan to suicide).

Said Thomas Mesereau, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

“You’re usually dealing with a spoiled brat … You’re dealing with someone who is very narcissistic, egotistical and used to going through people, and it creates a real challenge. Usually these celebrities are surrounded by enablers — people who are intent and skilled at preserving their position, whatever it is.”


Most of the lawyers reportedly agreed that cameras in the courtrooms were rarely beneficial. And the best example of that comes from former Lohan attorney Shawn Holley:

Holley said, according to  THR:

“What happened was [Lindsay] had ‘f–k you’ [written] on her nail,” Holley recalled. “I sat next to her all day. I didn’t see it, the judge didn’t see, the prosecutor didn’t see it. It was really impossible to see it. But the person who saw it was the cameraman who was in the courtroom…I thought that was extremely irresponsible of the cameraman.”

The piece is great – and includes the real reason Michael Jackson once showed up to court in pajama bottoms.

Read it here!