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Rudy Guiliani Hopes Lindsay Lohan Will “Get control over whatever her inner problems are.”

The former mayor has little to say about Amanda Bynes, but a lot to say about Lindsay Lohan!



Rudy Guiliani Carey Reilly

I’ll say it: I love Rudy Giuliani. I remember him as the incredible Mayor of NYC that turned Times Square from hookers and Johns into all things Disney. I have to tell you: I was so excited when I was given the chance to meet the former Mayor at the very swanky THE MODERN restaurant in NYC.

He was there  to chat about his new partnership with LifeLock, an Identity Theft Protection Agency.

I was there to eat an amazing three course lunch.

Okay not entirely… Years ago I was actually a victim of identity theft so  I could see the value – and who knows if the membership came with a box of doughnuts I just might sign up!

After lunch I had a moment to interview the former Mayor and I wanted to ask him the hard hitting questions that we all want answers to.

My first: “Do you have any advice for Amanda Bynes?”

(In all honesty, as the words were coming out of my mouth I was thinking, I can’t believe I am asking the man who held up the world on 9/11 what he thinks of Amanda Bynes and her mental state. Am I crazy?)

The former Mayor stared at me blankly.

I thought for a split second, “Oh boy, did I just offend him? Why is he not answering me?”

Then I remembered this man is my mother’s age and ran for President.. maybe he doesn’t know who she is?
No,” he answered.”Do you know who she is? I asked him.

I sighed with relief. Next question. Time to get serious.

“Well then, do you have any advice for Lindsay Lohan?” (In my world Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan are the same train wreck – they’re just wearing different wigs.)

Come to find out not, only does he know who Lindsay Lohan is, but he’s really rooting for her!

“I’ve met Lindsey once or twice,” says Giuliani. “I feel very bad for Lindsey when I see what’s happened. Because I, realize how complicated things can be for young people. And I just hope like others have that she can put her life back together. I am a big believer in redemption and reformation and that people can do that,,, maybe as a prosecutor for so many years I see people that I prosecuted who wanted to straighten themselves out, who have a really good hearts. And so I really hope for her that she’ll get control over whatever her inner problems are. The woman is such a talented woman, she’s such a beautiful woman. So you just hope that she just gets control of these problems.”

If Giuliani can turn Times Square around, then there’s definitely hope for Lohan!

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Needless to say, I hadn’t planned on ambushing Giuliani with these tough topics, so we didn’t have a full on camera crew ready… but just for the record, he’s some iPhone video of the moment! The sound isn’t great, but you can see my story checks out!!


Caught On Tape

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Ryan Seacrest Falls Out Of His Chair On Live TV, Goes Viral



Ryan Seacrest was just trying to catch a flying beach ball. What he caught was the stage floor. This is why people watch live TV…anything can happen, and when it does, you can’t tape it over again! Let’s see how he feels tomorrow because that looked like it could have hurt! (Is it just my imagination or does it look like his ankle might have gotten caught in the chair?)



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Caught On Tape

Former Law And Order Actress Representing Herself In Court? Diane Neal Claims Her Attorneys In Abuse Case Dropped Her, Leaving Her To Fend For Herself



In an emotional, now deleted instagram post, actress Diane Neal claims her attorneys have dropped her – leaving the actress who once played assistant district attorney Casey Nowak to try her hand at being an attorney in real life.

Neal has been embroiled in a vicious legal battle that has spanned more than two years. It began when Neal filed a lawsuit alleging her ex, magician JB Benn, was a “manipulative and maniacal fraudster,” who had “defrauded her of millions” and “violently inflicted emotional distress,” according to The Daily Beast. She claims Benn subjected her to “a campaign of isolation, terror and (physical and sexual) assault, and destroyed her reputation.” She also claims he once cut her dogs throat. In turn, Benn has a lawsuit against Neal, claiming she owes him money for property they shared, and that she frequently threatened him. Part of his case: a damning recording in which the female voice, which he claims is Neal, threatens him and his dog. Listen to that tape HERE. It’s intense.

The truth is, the story is so full of battling accusations that it’s probably best to read the FULL list chronicled in this Oxygen article.

But today, in an emotional instagram post which she later deleted, (but copies have which have been retained and posted) a dramatic turn. Neal claims her attorneys have dropped her with no warning.

She speaks directly to her camera phone, saying, “So this is my version of hell. And there he is walking right past me right there” she says, referencing a man whose face cannot be seen. “So, I have been put in a situation by my own attorneys who decided to drop me as a client yesterday afternoon with absolutely no warning, wherein I have to represent myself in court. Because this is what happens to victims of abuse. My attorney yesterday accused me of having an inappropriate relation with (unintelligible**), which is not at all even remotely, a thousand times not true. Has done all kinds of things and … saying it was my fault for being abused. So wish me luck. It’s terrifying, but I am doing this for every woman who can’t do it for themselves. I stand for all of us.”

**please note that the words here were difficult to make out. We have our interpretations but don’t want to speculate without confirmation.

It’s unclear what the nature of the current court hearing is intended to cover today.


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Neal played Casey Novak on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for five seasons,and continued her acting career on NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, Suits and 30 Rock. Most recently she became involved in politics, running as an independent for the U.S. House of Representatives in New York’s 19th congressional district.

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Caught On Tape

Video of Taylor Swift On Painkillers, And Her Reaction To It, Is Adorable.



Jimmy Fallon played the ultimate trick on Taylor Swift… somehow managing to get video her own MOTHER took of her after getting Lasik surgery. The result, which captures Swift having an emotional moment over a banana, was played before her eyes on The Tonight Show.

Her reaction is just another reason to love Taylor Swift.

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