Amanda Or NotIs it her? Amanda says no. Complex Magazine says yes.

The video shows a woman acting and moving strangely as she walks down the street. Taken by Instagram user @mlcnyc, the site says its the one and only Amanda Bynes, but there’s no shot of her face. Seen walking down Eighth Avenue in New York, the site claims she is wearing the same outfit Bynes wore to court the day before —an Alvin Ailey shirt (again, you can’t see that in the video, so that’s questionable) and sweats. The aqua wig is not being worn. Instead, a blonde ratty wig is being worn…similar to the one Bynes wore at a previous court appearance.

Complex seems quite confident, titling their post “Here Is a Video of Amanda Bynes Dancing in the Streets of NYC.” But to me, and many commenters, it’s hard to really say who the woman is in the picture. Not knowing the instagrammer, it’s even possible that the video was completely staged by someone looking for some buzz.

Bynes Tweet

Bynes tweeted that she plans on suing the magazine.

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Mind you, I’m the first person to say that celebrities shouldn’t complain about the paparazzi hounding them, (show business is a choice) but I really wish this woman could get a break from the cameras. It has to be pretty strange to have random people who don’t even work in the business taking that much interest in you. (If that is even her in the first place, and if it isn’t then dealing with the fact that there’s someone pretending to be you out there is even more unfortunate.) also realize that I go back and forth on my position on this whole “story” of her mental state. Here’s why: It bothers me tremendously when she calls people ‘ugly’ on twitter. That’s where I really lose some sympathy, and it gets difficult for me to see past that. Still, I also realize that there’s more to that behavior than we can understand without knowing her. I very much want to give her the benefit of the doubt. My ability to do so is challenged when she ‘acts out’ on twitter.

What if, as she insists, Amanda Bynes is absolutely fine? She could make a lot of this scrutiny go away if she would sit down for an on camera interview with someone. (Of course I’d love to interview her! But realistically, sitting down with Oprah, Barbara, Diane Sawyer…anyone that would spend an hour or so with her, on tape (not live) would really clear the air.) I think a lot of people would like to hear from her. Amanda; If you’re as fine as you say you are, then set the record straight! Talk to someone! Let people know!

There are some recent reports that Bynes is assembling a team of professionals to help her. The source does not point to help with drug problems, but rather, help with medical issues, anger management and life coaching. I for one think we can all benefit from a few lifelines. I hope Bynes get the right people to help her deal not just her personal matters, but the erratic world that now surrounds her.