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Lindsay’s Next Chapter: What Lindsay Lohan Told Oprah Winfrey

On Sunday Night, OWN premiered Oprah’s interview with Lindsay Lohan – her first sit-down since leaving rehab…



Lindsay Lohan Oprah Winfrey

On Sunday Night, OWN premiered Oprah’s interview with Lindsay Lohan – her first sit-down since leaving rehab,

Lohan was just four days out of rehab when she gave the interview.

While Oprah did ask Lohan some tough questions, both did seem somewhat restrained. Lohan at times seemed simply to be trying to keep it together, (which she generally did) and Winfrey, almost maternal, making some pointed inquiries, but careful not to go for the jugular. I almost felt as though Winfrey was protecting her, but perhaps after the show talked to her more candidly about exactly what she did and didn’t believe in her responses.

One of the questions teased in the show’s promo video was Oprah’s description of the name Lindsay Lohan being both an adjective and a verb for “Child Star Gone Wrong.”

Said Lohan:

“I hate that.

I hate that label, and that title and that’s not what I ever aspired to be and that’s not what I want in my life.

(then Oprah asked if Lohan thought she could turn it around.)

“As long as I stay honest with myself… and just do the work that I’m willing to do and have been wiling to do and am doing, then there’s nothing that can stand in my way of that.

I am my own worst enemy and I know that. And I’ve been.”

Lohan also discussed why she didn’t fight going to jail, and the moment in the courtroom she realized she really was going to jail:

Lindsay Lohan“… being in my addiction and everything, and having all the chaos around me that I was so comfortable with… I somewhere inside knew … and kind of wanted to go to jail…that was subconciously being put out there by me… I think it was just to find some peace. And just have no choice but to just sit and be… And I will never forget that moment.

… Just seeing … my mom and my sister’s face in that courtroom and my dad was just heartbreaking. It was horrible.

I just remember this rush of heat coming up over me and just not knowing what to expect.”

On the public perception that her parents have exploited her and taken advantage of her:

Lohan Winfrey“I hate what a bad rap people give my parents, because they’re just parents really at the end of the day, and trying to stand up for their daughter and themselves.

I have asked, you know, in sitting with my parents recently just that, keep our life private please.

To which Oprah responded: “So you don’t feel at any time that your parents have sold you out?”

Lohan: “No. I don’t think so. I mean, not to say that when I wasn’t really speaking to my dad he had any right to say the things he did.”

Winfrey: “You don’t think in any way that there’s toxicity in the relationship between either of your parents – your mother or your father – and you?”

Lohan: “No, not at this point.”

Oprah backed off the questioning about her parents, since it seemed Lohan was going nowhere in admitting that her parents are often part of the problem. (Even though she acknowledged that both parents have gone to the media with their problems.)

She also talked about how her emerging fame was managed – or more appropriately, mismanaged, as she began making 7 million dollars a picture.

Lohan: I wasted so much money I was living at a hotel and I had an apartment. I wasn’t really being guided

Oprah: Who was there to help you when you started making bucket loads of money?

Lohan: No one really, when I think about it

Oprah: How did you know how to handle things?
Lohan: I didn’t think about it.

Lohan said she ignored her family when they said she should move back to New York as things started go bad. She says she “didn’t want to face … a lot of things that were going on.” (Not surprisingly, given that we’ve already learned that her life at home was often total chaos – and that in a sense, she had become to addicted to chaos in her life.

When asked if Lohan was an addict, she answered clearly, yes. Her vice: Alcohol. Winfrey then asked about drugs. Lohan confessed that she did cocaine because “it allowed me to drink more… People would have it and I would do it.” She says she has done cocaine 10 to 15 times, by snorting it. “I’ve never injected anything other than getting B12 shots,” she laughed. 

There are two questions that I still wanted answered:

Things Oprah didn’t ask (or at least that weren’t aired):

-Why did you wear the words “F-ck you” on your fingernails in the courtroom?

On July 6th, 2010, Lindsay Lohan was at her probation hearing. High resolution photos later revealed that she had the words “F-ck you” written on one of her fingernails, leading many to wonder if she had written it as a deliberate statement towards the judge, or if she was just plain foolish.

-If you love your attorney Shawn Holley so much, why did you fire her and eventually re-hiring her?

In January of 2013 she fired Shawn Holley, instead favoring a New York attorney. She would eventually hire her back. In the Oprah interview, Lohan only says that she loves Holley, and that Holley truly cares about her.

Oprah DID get into Lindsay’s controversial usage of Adderall, a drug used to treat ADHD.

It began when Oprah asked “What’s going to be different this time?” in her recovery.

Lohan: “Not taking adderall. That’s a big deal. That’s all I knew. I was convinced that it did ground me… but I notice how much I calmer I am (without it.)

(Oprah then asked if she, like many actresses in Hollywood, took it for its appetite suppressing qualities and to stay awake.)

That didn’t happen to me – I could go to sleep, I could eat on it…But the more that I have spent time just working on myself with no other.. I don’t need it.”

So how is Lindsay now?

Lohan: “I feel whole again. I feel I have such a desire to want to keep this feeling and stay this way and I am willing to do whatever it takes and whatever people that have more experience than me in their recovery have. That’s what I really want.  I really wanna be on set, like, that feeds me!”

Oprah: “You really wanna act! You really are extraordinarily talented.”

(Here comes the Kardashian swipe from Winfrey!) “Unlike a lot of young women that get attention and became famous for doing absolutely nothing but walking a red carpet – you actually have talent.”

Oprah LohanUltimately, the interview felt a bit soft… and yet, there was an undertone of concern on Winfrey’s part – one that comes from an awareness from Winfrey that Lohan’s journey of recovery and self awareness is just beginning. Certainly Winfrey has intentions of telling that story on the docuseries that will follow Lohan’s comeback, but I also think that Winfrey’s concern is deeper than that. Even as the interview drew to a close, Winfrey asked Lohan to reconsider her plans to go to Europe just days after leaving rehab. (Lohan subsequently canceled her trip… and the show made that clear in the episode’s epilogue.)

If all goes well, I believe that five years from now Lohan will be more open about her past demons, and be quite vocal about the depth of support that Winfrey has given her.

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Three Words That Went So Viral That Kylie Wants To Trademark Them – And Why She’s Right To Do It.



It all started when Kylie Jenner gave us a tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office on YouTube. Then, she went to wake her sleeping daughter, singing “rise and shine.”

Maybe it was the way she sang it, but it went viral, memes followed, and it became the most hashtagged phrase EVER on Tik Tok. Almost immediately.

Within a week, she filed an application to trademark the phrase, hoping to turn the now viral moment into a merchandising opportunity. Folks called it excessive and silly, claiming such a common expression shouldn’t be up for the taking.

Those people are wrong. What it is, is smart.

Take a look – the seemingly innocuous moment happens 15 minutes in to the tour.

Why is it smart? Because if she doesn’t trademark it, someone else will. People are ALL about capitalizing on viral moments, and if she didn’t, someone else would have tried to use Kylie’s influence to benefit themselves, just like people are using the #RiseAndShine hashtag right now for views and likes. And that’s not taking advantage of it?

In fact, she’s not the first person to even apply for a trademark for the phrase. Roughly 100 applications, some active, some dead, have been filed with variations of the phrase over the years. A mattress company liked the sound of it, so did a coffee company, a beer, snack mix, and Hardee’s wanted to use it to promote breakfast entrees. All of them make sense. McDonald’s trademarked the common phrase “I’m Lovin’ It.” Emeril trademarked “Bam!” and Paris Hilton trademarked “That’s hot.” Having the trademark doesn’t prohibit everyone else from saying it in conversation, but it does limit the ability for others to monetize it for themselves. It keeps a phrase that is uniquely attributed to another person or business from being used in a misleading way for monetary gain by others. Sports announcer Michael Buffer wisely trademarked “Let’s get ready to rumble” so that others couldn’t go and make t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise with a catchphrase that he made famous. Anyone can file for a trademark on a phrase. In the end, the trademark office will decide if the application has merit. Before you do, it is suggested you seek the advice of a legal expert.

By now we know that Kylie Jenner is a successful business woman, given the enormous popularity of Kylie Cosmetics. It stands to reason that she is going to expand her scope of business. No matter WHAT she decided to name a spinoff of her brand, she would trademark it. By jumping on a phrase that is now already organically linked to her, thanks to the fans themselves, she merely did the SMART thing. Coming up with a brand name is one of the hardest things an entrepreneur does. Half of the ideas are taken, the others you don’t love, and sometimes the ones you do love other people don’t like.

So before we start hating on Kylie’s fast acting ingenuity, we should be inspired and do some of it ourselves!

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