Paris Hilton Prank

Paris Hilton is a polarizing personality – some folks just don’t like her. But there’s no denying that this prank is horrific and would send even the most composed person into a complete meltdown.


An Egyptian show called “Ramez in Control (Ramez Wakel el-Gaw)” – essentially their version of ‘Punk’d’ thought it would be funny to trick her into thinking her plane was going to crash. They arranged for her to go on an aerial tour of Dubai, and then staged the scene.

First, they create a strange smell, then sound off an alarm. The kind of alarm that would send anyone into a panic.

“Is this normal,” Hilton asks in the video. “What’s happening?” she asked. 

As the plane goes into an (intentional) nosedive and does other aerial maneuvers, a few passengers actually grab parachutes and leap out the door. Soon  all the people onboard are screaming. Paris genuinely seems to believe that the plane is going to crash. She looks absolutely terrified, crying and screaming. (Needless to say the actors on the plane playing the roles of panic-stricken passengers don’t help.)

Hilton was visibly shaken even after the prank was revealed, saying that a scenario like this has always been her worst nightmare.  And suddenly the world feels a little sorry for Paris Hilton. As they should.

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