Ricky Gervais always promises awkward moments during his Golden Globes hosting gigs, and he didn’t disappoint during an unscripted altercation with Mel Gibson.


Gervais had just finished introducing Gibson as a presenter. The moment brought back memories from three years ago when he mocked the Gibson for his arrest and anti-Semitic outburst in 2006 while being arrested for alleged DUI.

This time, Gervais said he wanted to say “something nice” about Gibson before he came out, so he went with “I’d rather have a beer with Mel Gibson than Bill Cosby tonight.”

Gervais left the stage whereupon Gibson said, “I love seeing Ricky every three years – it reminds me to get a colonoscopy.”

Then Gervais came back with a ‘what the hell?’ face. Gibson looked at him and said “I’ll put you to sleep in other ways.”

That’s when things got interesting. A moment that was entirely censored for the viewers at home. All the audio was dropped as Gervais leaned into the microphone, and said “Answer me this: ‘What does sugar tits even mean?”

“Sugar tits” is reportedly what Gibson said to a female police officer in 2006. While being arrested, Gibson asked a female police officer “what do you think you’re looking at, sugar t–s?”

Naturally, the audience gasped and groaned in shock.